How will Sandy effect the election?

I’ve been reading a bunch of articles on the idea that Sandy will effect the votes that come in tomorrow on election day. Not one article i have read has been sure if the polls will be effected or not, just alot of speculation. I believe that they polls can and will be negatively affected because some people are stuck in their homes, with no gas in their cars which means they have no way to get to the polls. Or that people simply have “better things to worry about” when they have had no power for over a week now. Any thoughts on this? i think it will be really interesting to see how this turns out.


Everyone please read!!

My Grandma sent me this article and although it does not have to do with diseases n the public sphere this is something that is near and dear to my heart and something that i care about above all other things. This man John is one of the bravest, smartest and kind hearted person I have ever heard of please read the letter attached that he wrote in response to a journalist called President Obama a “retard”. This man is part of the special olympics and has down syndrome. But he does not let that define him, and does not allow ignorant people to bring him down. We can ALL learn something from this boy….my links are not working so just copy and paste this into your browser, i promise it’s worth it.

Legionnaires’ Disease outbreak

In Chicago a bacterial disease outbreak that resulted in 3 deaths has been traced back to the JW Marriott. They traced the bacteria that infects people back to the hotels decorative fountain in the hotel lobby that was growing legionnaires. Other areas that where found to contain the same substance where the hotels pool,hot tub and both male and female locker rooms. This is very alarming because the way to contract the disease is just by inhaling contaminated water vapor spores. Therefor anyone that has walked through the lobby, been in the pool, whirlpool or locker rooms had been exposed. The bacteria causes the infected to get a severe case of pneumonia.


Meningits or back pain take your pick

In the state of New York 119 people have now reportedly been diagnosed with meningitis. The center for disease control has traced the rare form of fungal meningitis back to a steroid shot for back pain. There have also been 11 deaths reported. As a person who suffers from extream back pain this really scares me, what if my doctor had recommended these shots not knowing the possible outcome? I find it really sad that in a place as advanced as New York that it took 11 people to die before they figured out the source of the rare outbreak. the company recalled the steroids from the 23 states they sent it to and then later recalled all products that they have made. When the company is Mass was searched at least one contaminated vile was found in there lab. It’s really freaky that had they not traced it back to this specialty pharmacy that the meningitis would have continued to spread for their where more contaminated vail’s that had yet to be distributed.

get out the bug spray, people!

In states such as Mississippi, Michigan, South Dakota, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and California the number of cases of West Nile virus have risen dramatically, almost 13%!! Although we do not live in these states i still found this article to be extreamly frightening. For back in middle school i always though west nile only happeneds in places of poverty/ third world countries. Well the 400 cases reported just in the past week in the US certaintly crush that theory. Mild forms of the disease can cause flu like symptoms and probably are not lethal but if you get a bad case of the west nile it can be devistating to ones health. Hot temperatures, rain fall amounts and many other uncontrollable elements have made us vulnerable to this disease.

since it’s Sunday…

Well i thought since today is Sunday and a big game day (GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!) i thought it would be interesting to try to find a article regarding sports and diseases! So i read up on a article how brain disease is much more common in NFL players then any other males in the US. Even though this seems pretty obvious because of concussions etc. you would think hockey players and other contact sport players would have the same statistics. Unfortunately by the time most players retire and come to terms with the fact that they may have a disease it is too late to treat it.